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Originally Posted by dvw View Post
Well if your axles are the softest part of the suspension....

Put some A1 axles in there. That won't be a problem any more.
It's not the rigidity that is the problem. Its end play due to the OD of the axle dipping at the threads. I did get some A1 axles in there. And the OD of them went from stock @ 7.94mm to a1 axles at 7.88mm or so. Even with the diameter drop though the a1 axles have decent grip.

Stock axles have 7.94 shoulder for a length of 16mm, where they dip down to 7.3 to 7.5mm this makes the wheel able to deflect and rattle about with excessive end play.

The A1 axles I got in the trucks I swapped out 2 weeks ago have about 22mm of shoulder before the threads, so the outer bearing cant move out of the same vertical plane as the inner bearing like in the stock setup.

What I really need is a 7.98mm OD axle that has a total smooth shaft length of 90mm (2x 22mm shoulders before the threading and, 46mm trucks width )

My press fit brass axis pin sleeves are the softest part of my suspension. Well ignoring the wheels urethane and the boot.
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