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Originally Posted by rufusprime99 View Post
Here is another good point. I USE that end of compliance. I rather get a kick out of playing with the end of compliance. And after not having it happen sooner, I liked it happening sooner. It was different. Fun.
You didn't really understand what dvw was saying. His point was Mort is running out of traction because his wheels were lifting and leaving less urethane on the floor to prevent slippage. Not desirable, and not what you have been talking about

We have already established that you haven't taken the time or have the skills to use soft cushions so all you are doing is making up stuff to try and be "right".

What ever you want to do for your chuckles is fine. Just don't go around acting like it's the end all be all when you don't even know what is possible.

Reminds me of kids that had Stingray type bikes and claimed they were faster than my old 3 speed with 26" wheels. I'd run them to death any day of the week. They didn't have any idea how bicycles actually worked.

Later there were guys that had big engine jacked up muscle cars. None of them could keep up on a twisty road with a Vega or Corvair being driven instead of pointed. Suspension and skills can make up for a lot of horsepower if the goal isn't in a straight line.

Everyone was having fun until their bubble got popped. In many cases they just went back to others that had the same setups and congratulated each other on their skills and wonderful equipment. Others actually learned something and modified their equipment or skill set to be more versatile.

Three people here that actually have a clue have tried to help you understand what is actually going on but you continue...

Common wisdom is anything but...
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