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Purples have more snapback

Originally Posted by dvw View Post
They do, but is that desirable? I run soft cushions and my plates return to neutral when I tell them to. There's nothing restricting or affecting that. After all, who's in charge, my skates or me?

Skates are never "in charge", but this is about different cushions and how they respond. And to answer the question you floated is, yes, it is desirable.... to me. The guy who started the thread. Not saying anyone else needs to like it.

Because your suspension runs out of compliance, and the wheel lifts.

Here is another good point. I USE that end of compliance. I rather get a kick out of playing with the end of compliance. And after not having it happen sooner, I liked it happening sooner. It was different. Fun.

While jam skaters are generally very skilled at what they do, they don't "skate" in the conventional sense, so not really a fair comparison. They typically run long plates, soft wheels, hard suspensions because the type of static dance moves they do benefits from it.
Kind of splitting hairs here. I would say, and have long said, that, depending on the skater of course, jam skaters do stuff that is not skating. But the skating stuff they do do is pretty impressive. I forget the guys' name, but there was an extraordinary guy I'd see from time to time around LA. Fantastic skater. I know a guy now who is a very good jam skater.

And then you actually back my point up with, "long plates, soft wheels, hard suspensions because the type of static dance moves they do benefits from it." Their setup is used because it makes what they do easier. Purples helped my get to the loss of compliance quicker, which I liked.

Having developed single axle skills over the years, I don't have to depend on DA45 for turning. I like the turning (still), I use it, but it is not the only thing *I* do as a skater. So yeah. I liked the purples. Might like some reds too.
The end of compliance will happen faster than the purples. I might like playing with that too.
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