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Originally Posted by Mort View Post
Firmer cushions have a greater tendency to reset to neutral at higher speeds,

They do, but is that desirable? I run soft cushions and my plates return to neutral when I tell them to. There's nothing restricting or affecting that. After all, who's in charge, my skates or me?

Originally Posted by Mort View Post
I haven't bothered to go down from 80A ... They will carve a tighter circle than I have grip for...

Because your suspension runs out of compliance, and the wheel lifts.

Originally Posted by rufusprime99 View Post
Silly putty. Jam skaters, of which I am not one, are arguably some of the best and most advanced skaters going. They use 10 degree plates and hard cushions. So there goes the soft cushion theory.

While jam skaters are generally very skilled at what they do, they don't "skate" in the conventional sense, so not really a fair comparison. They typically run long plates, soft wheels, hard suspensions because the type of static dance moves they do benefits from it.
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