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Before this discussion goes any further down the rabbit hole.

Let's throw the arius out of this discussion.

Beginning skaters use harder cushions, advanced skaters use softer cushions, advanced skaters have taught their body (core) to balance better, hard cushions are like bicycle training wheels, softer cushions require less force to compress the cushion, better balance from hours of skating allow the skater to use less force turning, which translates into more fun, quicker turns and when skating fast, a pure form of advanced skating.(because of the balance required with soft cushions that don't limit the action, hard cushions are something to lean into and push against, soft cushions simply compress, the skater has to lean much further into them, and that comes with experience)

Top speed with soft cushions may be lower than with hard cushions because of the loss of energy to the cushions, if you want to skate at top speed get on inlines.

Cushions don't snap back, they absorbe energy both compressing and decompressing, hard cushions don't compress as much, so they decompress faster, but they aren't snapping energy into the turn, they are not a perpetual motion machine, they are simply less fun.
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