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Originally Posted by rufusprime99 View Post
I remember a comment from years back. Someone said you could tune a DA45 to skate like an Advantage with harder cushions. Well, I've never had an Advantage. Might be something to try. LOL

No, my curiosity is really in overdrive now. I wanna try the reds. What's it gonna cost? The price of some cushions. I mean, I have been skating the exact same style, with a few new things added for 9 years. I want to change it up a little. It should be fun. And if not, It's not like I am losing anything.
I'd get just red cones to try out. 4 of them would be 3nough to try any/all setup potentials on 1 skate. Even if running all cones.

Personally double barrel purples with grease on flat washers was pretty damn good all around. Edged like yellows without as much mushy feel.

Since I dont really touch standard kingpin plates anymore, I cant go testing them out.

A friend of mine now has an arius and used to skate an advantage, has also skated a proline. Another skated a proline and went to an Arius, neither of them ever went back. you can run soft cushions on them without wobble after they're broken in. Cushion hardnesses dont really make the plate more stable honestly.
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