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Originally Posted by fierocious1 View Post
Just an observation, inlines are faster and do not have any snap back or return pressure. The turning snap back from cushions is not necessary but some people like it. Snapback is also from pivot angle.
With pivot angle being adjustable, snap back can be tuned out even with harder cushions.
All of this is up to the skater and their preferances. Being smooth and predictable is what I expect out of a skate.
Myself, I never cared for blues, they change stack height(thickness) under load on a DA45. On other than DA45, they will just be a softer cushion. My preference is just medium duro cushions.
Yeah, no snapback with inlines. On inlines, you, or I guess a skater, can kind of create it with tightening your turn. It's pretty much ALL I do on an inline. Overturn some, or actually, create an off balance condition, and then fix that off balance condition with a hard turn. I am virtually never in a balanced stride like a speed inline skater striding from one foot to another. I just go from arc to arc to arc.
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