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Default Glad you had a good time, heal quickly..

Originally Posted by rufusprime99 View Post
Where to start. Tuesday I guess. i was out for a bike ride. I had just completed the short section where I ride the street, and was getting back on the sidewalk as I headed to the Leon Creek Bike Trail. The route from the street up the wheel chair entry to the sidewalk is convoluted. So, as usual, I took a straight route that takes me over some gravel. then grass, then the side walk. Well, I guess I must have twitched at just the wrong moment, and my front wheel washed out in front of me and I went down on my left side. One of the nice things about recumbent bikes is, falls are usually a lot less damaging then falling from a diamond frame. Unfortunately, I put my left foot down and tweaked my bad ankle pretty good. I dug up my lace up boot ankle brace and have been wearing it. The ankle is better, but still VERY sprained.

Now Thursday comes along and the neighbor asked me on a ride. I usually don't ride on Thursday because I skate in the evening. But I went anyway, thinking with the bad ankle, I won't skate anyway. The ride goes well, and I don't lose tire pressure in my tubeless tires like I did the other day. I don't feel like skipping skating, and had just seen my old Rebel/Magnum skates. So I thought, why not put on the other boot ankle brace, I have two, and use the Rebel skates. At least I can go and chat with my rink friends, even if I don't skate much. But first, I needed to do a bit of skate maintenance. The last time those skates were skated was by a friend who did what I told him not to. He tried to tune the skate by tightening down the cushions. So I had to undo all the kingpin nuts to loose, jiggle things up and re-tighten. That went OK except for the one nut that did not come out, but undid the kingpin itself. So, found some tools, set all the cushion nuts properly and went to the rink.

So I get there, the 2nd week after the HATED DJ got booted. Nice crowd. An abundance of lovely ladies. Nice. I put the skates on and try them out. A little too loose. A bit wiggly. Off to make an adjustment, then back to skating. At this point, I had a combo of weird. Being on skates I haven't been on for some time, and not really knowing how bad my ankle is. Remember I have already had it in the boot brace a couple days. Don't really have a clue how it will take to skating. The action felt a little weird. Like it was turning in more abruptly than my Invader. Oh, and did I forget to mention, this skate had Purple cushions, not my usual yellow.

The rink music is now by request. Lotta folks into cRap music. Whaddaya gonna do? I don't mind as much, as at least it is not some lame-o DJ shoving it down my throat. And anyways, I have my bluetooth headphones. So I dial up a good tune and skate. With the ankle support from the brace, I am going to be able to skate as much as I might want to. Only near the end, did it start getting irritated, but my quads were tired by then anyway.

OH SNAP. Well, how do you do? The snap of purple cushions. I had forgotten all about it. Yellow cushions don't snap back the way purples do. I remember waaaay back in my DA45 skating, I had always surmised that skating a DA45 is a better, more fun way, of learning to skate well. What I mean is, you learn the turning power of the skate better. Then, as you progress as a skater, you learn to make sharper turns not just by leaning on the skate, but by lifting axles. This was a theory I had proven to myself about a year and a half ago when I forgot my skates, but was able to still turn well with rentals. I am also coming to the conclusion that my yellow cushions don't really turn better than the purples, but it is just a bit easier to do.

As for the "you CAN go home again", I had a GREAT time, bad ankle and all, skating my Rebel/Magnums with the purple cushions. I'd turn and get a kick on them snapping back like I haven't felt in YEARS. One little maneuver in particular was fun. As I enter a turn backwards, I progressively tighten the turn until the skates want to pop around to forward. I then lift both front axles and pivot on my heels. The purple cushions felt great doing this. It gave it power steering. The energy of the cushions really popped me around with more energy, not coming from me, but from the skate.

So, if any of you DA45 guys wanna have a bit of fun, dust off a set of purples and take them for a spin. I think I am going to skate these for a while.
DA45 is all I skate.
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