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Default Has anyone successfully heat molded Bont boots?


I've been a casual skater for a few years and just recently made the move from 90mm fitness skates to a pair of Bont Semi-race with a 13.2" frame (4x110). I love skating them but I'm having no luck with heat molding and they fit so badly out of the box that I had to stop skating and let my feet heal.

I've followed the instructions with care (85C/185F for 20 minutes, measured with accurate external thermometer) but had no luck getting the resin to soften. I tried again and this time I followed the video instructions (20 minutes to begin with, then check on them every five minutes until the carbon softens). Even after a total of 35 minutes the stiff parts were still hard as rock and standing in the boots made no difference to the fit at all.

I emailed Bont and this only added to the confusion. In the first response they said that the carbon parts were not moldable. When I pointed out all the information on their site indicates otherwise and the video literally instructing to heat until the carbon softens their next response said the carbon is in fact moldable (?) and gave me the generic instructions again. I emailed back and explained my problem again, but after this I haven't heard back from them. This was three days ago.

So I'm wondering if anyone here has had any luck heat molding Bont boots and if so, how did you do it? Are the stiff carbon areas heat moldable or not? Is Bont a reputable company? Maybe it was just a language problem but the complete reversal of the heat molding statement felt weird.

Any input is greatly appreciated.
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