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Default Canada IM

The Canada IM is up to 114 registered skaters. Online registration ends tomorrow 8/31. It is unclear if they have day of the race registration on 9/7. Organizers have been pushing hard on FB, but apparently missed this site. It is the same course as the Blainville IM held multiple times including this July which I participated in. I hope it has success and the registration numbers look pretty good.

Unfortunately, the date conflicts with Trexlertown. They chose the date so European skaters could do this race and then stick around for Northshore. I understand their thinking, but it really is too bad the dates conflict AND they waited so long to announce the race. Trexlertown offers a discount when you pay for all races at the first race so beyond being date committed, some of us are financially committed. It is also a lot of travel to get to Montreal one week then Duluth the next unless you are visiting from Europe or live near Montreal or Duluth.
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