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Originally Posted by Armadillo View Post
This is one reason French slalom skaters dis the the soft suspension setup, since it gets too squirrelly as the rear of the plate comes further up off the ground and only the front two carry the load.

In my own way I sort of arrived at a similar conclusion. I soon realised that certain skate properties were mutually exclusive; so I either had to use a compromise that was not effective in either aspect, or forego certain qualities and pretty much give up the tricks that went with them. I decided on the latter, and opted for stability at the expense of 'turnability' (due to the kinds of moves that I most wanted to do).

I did find some work-arounds though. By using very pronounced unweighting, I'm able to do moves like Crazy or Mabrouk with all wheels down (during the entire move) even on super grippy 78a wheels. I use a similar unweighting technique for my Fan Voltes too. Also, I will often tilt over and balance on my wheel edges (when doing tricks like 1-cone crazy etc.).

Originally Posted by Armadillo View Post
I do slalom quad skating ...
What kind of slalom moves do you already do? and what (if anything) are you currently learning?
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