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My wife was running into a similar issue; after taking her skates apart and replacing the cushions things seem to have improved. hard to pinpoint which part helped the most but we did tighten the trucks a bit more than usual but it is also a different cushion.

I would think about replacing cushions if they are old or look misshapen and playing around with tightening up the action

We both tend to run Presto 99 slims on wood they seem okay and i have heard rumors they are prototyping a presto 101.

I was looking into the bones art elite 103 but they are taller and wider than i am used to.

When i skated a pretty sticky sport court exclusively i ran 97 adonis wheels ) no jamming or speed laps) and liked that but they would get chunked and fall apart way too easily for the price they charge so had to switch off those after they replace a set for me and it did the same thing.

I used to skate Fasters and while i liked them for a bit I've kind of gone cold on the dual durrometer stuff and have been pretty happy with the Prestos and Halos.

Lots of rambling hope something in there helped.
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