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Originally Posted by Traffic Dancer View Post
Well, hello!

I'm Nate....a mid-40s guy in Michigan who rediscovered skating a few months ago since I was a youngster in the early 90s. I guess I'm primarily an urban skater on my nifty new RB 80s but I also have my old Rollerblade Fitness skates that now wear a set of Powerslide Megacruiser frames. I take those 125mm nightmares out when I'm feeling a little too cocky.

Anyway, I'm back into skating because I have a mission to tell ya'll about....I'm calling it the Cincinnati Biathlon: Inline skates and sling shots. I'll post pictures tomorrow because, um, it's our first event. Stay tuned!

PS: The name Cincinnati Biathlon stems from when I first conceived of the idea while I was living in....go ahead, take one guess.....
Welcome to the forum I'd assume a area where cross country skiiing was popular. a nordic country?? finnland norway?I found my macro blades from the 90's the boot has started to disentergrate. the frame is ok but the boot is cracking severely. the macro blade was popular in the early 90's.I used them at least once a week until 2007.
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