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Default New member...reborn to skating

Well, hello!

I'm Nate....a mid-40s guy in Michigan who rediscovered skating a few months ago since I was a youngster in the early 90s. I guess I'm primarily an urban skater on my nifty new RB 80s but I also have my old Rollerblade Fitness skates that now wear a set of Powerslide Megacruiser frames. I take those 125mm nightmares out when I'm feeling a little too cocky.

Anyway, I'm back into skating because I have a mission to tell ya'll about....I'm calling it the Cincinnati Biathlon: Inline skates and sling shots. I'll post pictures tomorrow because, um, it's our first event. Stay tuned!

PS: The name Cincinnati Biathlon stems from when I first conceived of the idea while I was living in....go ahead, take one guess.....
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