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Originally Posted by pastskater View Post
Hi Larry and Rick,

So, I just watched a bit of the video, and have to ask, as the commentator was mentioning that the freestyle was not limited, (during Tim M skating his National's routine) such as Dance and Figures. Isn't it now a different ball field our Freestyle skaters are skating on with World level?

I remember hearing that there's a certain amount of jumps as well combos and required footwork to be done.

the rules seem to be changing every year in freestyle, limit to number of same jump, must do certain spins, footwork is different every year,,,,etc,,,,we haven't done well in the last 10 to 15 years in freestyle as we use to do. the rest of the world became more competitive and train more and have more time and some say money, not sure about that, I guess Italy supports their skaters the most.
Ciao Rick
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