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Originally Posted by Little View Post
Haha. I'm terrible for not wearing protective gear. I think I've worn them once. They felt all hot and horrible. I know I'll learn my lesson one day and start wearing it.
I like the 187 wrist guards and Rollerblade knee guards because they are low profile and they don't restrict movement like many of the more expensive and better protecting options. They have just the hard plate and straps, which is just enough for some light to moderate impact protection and very good abrasion resistance. If I wear nothing else outdoors, I usually throw these on (the knee pads can even go under some jeans if you don't fall often). You will regret it when you have to take a month off skating due to an injury that could have been prevented through the use of basic protection. I know it sucks to wear them during summer, but try to learn your lesson before you fall. You will fall, it's just a matter of when and how.
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