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Originally Posted by Patinha View Post
Hello everybody! This is a 27 years old Brazilian girl who reads a lot but doesn't talk or write in english that often, so I hope you can understand what Iīm saying

When I was a kid I had inline and quad skates, but I donīt think I had really learned how to skate, so I think sundayīs experience may count as my first day on inline skates lol! I want to learn how to inline skate with the objective of a fitness and recreational activity, going around the city park with my boyfriend at least on weekends (one ride on the trail has 10km/ 6,2 miles). I feel amazed with slalom tricks too, so Iīm hoping I can get to do some manouvers in the future. To start my skating story, last sunday I bought a pair of barely used Fila Primo Air Wave (84mm/83A wheels, ABEC 7 bearings, frame in extruded aluminium) and I went to the park.

First thing that happened to me was a great fall on my butt when trying to get out of the car (two great falls, indeed). After my boyfriend aided me on getting up and reaching the trail, it was less difficult than I thought it would be, but still, I wasnīt able to really roll around. I think what kept me from going to the ground was the amount of videos I watched before going out. When I understood the moves a little better, I couldnīt go uphill, what resulted on my boyfriend towing me around and than carrying me on his back to a place designed for skaters to train. Between rough asphalt, smooth asphalt and concrete I practiced for something like 1 and a half hour and I really didnīt fall because I followed Bill Stoppardīs advice of "Staying Low". Still, all the time I was haunted by the feeling that I would fall on my back. Monday I trained a little in a small space at my house and it felt better. I could properly bend my knees and practice pushing to the sides without getting that feeling of falling backwards. Today I will practice a little more, the goal of todayīs practice session is to be able to heel brake and do some A frame turns.

The goal for the weekend is to skate some parts of the park trail, including slight uphills and downhills. Lets see if I can do it!
I hope you're wearing all the proper padding so you can learn all these skills in confidence...

Basic protection: helmet, wrist guards, knee guards, elbow guards, padded gloves, padded shorts

Not all of that is required, I'd say wrist and knee guards to start (and padded shorts if you're prone to falling backwards). Helmet if you're unsure of the terrain or if you're trying something new or dynamic (skate park, etc). Padded gloves for abrasion resistance and elbow guards if you want the extra protection.
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