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Originally Posted by A-Town Sk8er View Post

Yes , But I really dont have a rink, Cause I skate at a few different ones....

I am very good friends with the owner & Thats my Sat. Night spot.

That film was suppose to be done before X-mas, but he had to fly to Fla. to interview a few more people , So its still in the Editing Process.

The filming was boring cause it was a closed session & not crowded enough for

But he did get over 2 hours of real good skating footage.
It Keeps me Young. It keeps me in good health. It keeps me out of Trouble. It connects me to past generations, And the ones coming up. It keeps me in touch with my community. It challenges me , It Frustrates me, It comforts me. I GLIDE ON THIS MUSIC, I FLOAT ON THESE WHEELS.AND ....I'll be doing it till they put me in the ground. SKATING ........The other Drug!!!!
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