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Originally Posted by Philphine View Post
i don't know if i'm understanding the double pump part, but when i skated more the rinks i went to localy did it with all 8 wheels rolling on the straits. it was like one foot rolls in front of the other on one beat (actually the two beat), then side by side the next beat, then the other foot in front, and so on. if the beat was slow enough (something like "trans europe express") some of the better skaters could cross twice with each foot and skip the side by side part. going back recently that's still how it's done, or lift the back foot all the way up but still almost mimmick the 8 wheels down motion.

while i was typing that i remembered that you may not be going just to shuffle, so depending on your skates that could be harder to do (like if your trucks are fairly tight and/or you had your skates laced tight on your feet). say if someone were doing that lag deal, but you can see their ankle is almost hanging out of the skate, so they've still got all 8 wheels down, but i guess their back wheels would be off the ground if they had them laced on tight. or for me i kept my trucks loose, so moving my feet back and forth and keeping the wheels down was easy to do without lifting them.

I showed a skatelog member the dble pump last night, maybe she will chime in ? but in my definition of it

the wheels ( only two of them ) on the bring back foot and u pump skate to behind the leading knee in a str8 line
best way to replicate this would be to stand up on your right foot, bring your left foot behind your right foot bend your knee and try to ram your left knee behind your right knee,, notice to do this your toes want to point downward ? that's why i said its impossible to do this on 4 wheels because to make it look like your doing something exotic (so to speak) there is no physical way to keep all 4 wheels flat while maintaining a bent knee
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