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Originally Posted by ursle View Post
Welcome, great introduction.

Honestly, if you want to go fast, get on a bicycle, the chances of "gomering" (going to ground) going downhill are 100%, quads are about relaxation, enjoyment, fresh air, speed on inlines is nice, downhill is asking for skin lost.

But...try getting a long board skateboard, padding up and doing downhill on a skateboard is feasible.
a skillful long board operator (not me) can slide the long board to slow down, which at VERY fast speeds is better than what I can do on inlines. That said, I have found inlines to have better cornering radii and speeds than long boards downhill and have never had a serious incident on a hill (just a few spills on lower hills). I attended a college on the top of a mountain and would routinely do the 10 mile descent into town. loads of fun. But yes, I always wore my hockey gear. I'd be doing about 50 mph most of the time.
with enough practice anything will go down a hill. 8 low profile wheels will corner with more grip than 4, so I'd chose the inlines any day for going fast.
now, there is the commuter side of me too. Quads rule downhill. just a slight s-curve is enough on quads to control one's speed downhill on quads. I have bombed all over SF in quads and inlines and found the quads to do better. In Tacoma, where I live, the road surface is not friendly to quads, so inlines it has to be (most places). I just go down on one foot and drag the other and switch back and forth.
Sorry for the long reply, just seemed right up my alley
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