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Hiking Totals
Activities 3
Total Distance 19.50 mi
Max Distance 7.27 mi
Total Activity Time 8:44:10 h:m:s
Activity Calories 2,093 C
Average Speed 2.2 mph
Max Speed 8.8 mph
Average Heart Rate 108 bpm
Max Heart Rate 155 bpm

Scooter Totals
Activities 12
Total Distance 13.77 mi
Max Distance 1.86 mi
Total Activity Time 2:15:51 h:m:s
Activity Calories 1,294 C
Average Speed 6.1 mph
Max Speed 12.9 mph
Average Heart Rate 118 bpm
Max Heart Rate 167 bpm

Walking Totals
Activities 4
Total Distance 5.61 mi
Max Distance 1.65 mi
Total Activity Time 1:47:40 h:m:s
Activity Calories 458 C
Average Speed 3.1 mph
Max Speed 4.6 mph

Skating Totals
Activities 8
Total Distance 136.92 mi
Max Distance 43.07 mi
Total Activity Time 14:38:48 h:m:s
Activity Calories 4,439 C
Average Speed 9.3 mph
Max Speed 75.8 mph
Average Heart Rate 120 bpm

Total Totals
Activities 27
Total Distance 175.81 mi
Max Distance 43.07 mi
Total Activity Time 27:26:28 h:m:s
Activity Calories 8,284 C
Average Speed 6.4 mph
Max Speed 75.8 mph
Average Heart Rate 117 bpm
Max Heart Rate 167 bpm

Whoohoo! First month worth reporting since the crash in September. 175.81 miles is unimpressive by my historic standard but it stomps all over the three months that preceded. And most of those miles are SKATING!

I finished 2019 with a slow and stiff 1.25 mile roll around the block. I followed up four days later with a more steady 7 miler. Eight days later, I made it out to Canada Road for 21 miles. The Wednesday that followed was my return to the Wednesday Night Skate. Tomorrow I intend a full 44 mile Canada Road workout.

Back stiffness and strain is still a problem. Not only does it make for a more difficult and less comfortable workout, it reduces my stability. At this point in my recovery, I can not afford to fall. With practice and physical therapy, this problem is subsiding but I'm not done yet. I have resumed my Sunday workouts and the Wednesday Night Skate but I need to be solid before I mix with cars in my commute or the terrain and crowd variability of the San Francisco Friday Night Skate. For the latter, my goal is Valentine's Day. We'll see.
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