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Originally Posted by chuckboucher View Post
No one fully tightens down quads wheels anyway. This is why we use nylock nuts. Believe me, blue loctite is security enough, even when skating on rougher pavement outdoors.

There are several discussions on the forum about using bearing spacers in quad wheels.
A bit of confusion.

While no one "fully tightens down quads wheels" one should have axle threads all the way through the nut. If not the nut is too thick, the axle too short or the bearing spacing too wide. Reversing nuts or otherwise trying to fix the first two are a bad practice as you won't have good thread engagement. When faced with this I simply fixed the bearing spacer in the wheel. Easy and safe.

OTOH if you have a load of .400" spaced wheels you could face the trucks to effectively "lengthen" the axle. You can use a properly sized piloted end mill to do this without removing the axle. Mort has one of these in his tool kit. I doubt you would have to remove much to get proper fit while gaining good 90 degree bearing contact. Or press in longer axles.

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