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Originally Posted by Joey View Post
Thanks. Will digest your post.

I come from the world of inline skates, and especially longboards (skateboards). I do not see quad skates wheels and bearings as much different than a longboard really. Many fine longboard bearings come with spacers and speed rings built in: Zealous is a very popular brand. They will not fit into quad skates, nor inline skates for that matter as the hub dimensions on longboard wheels are a bit larger than roller skates or inlines.

Obviously, bombing a hill on a longboard at 50 mph is putting a ton of stress on the bearings laterally in turns and while bleeding off speed for hairpin turns. I can tell you from years of experience with the longboard community that not even ONE skater is riding without spacers between their bearings. We use nyloc nuts and crank them down hard as we want. The wheels still spin freely. And they are NOT coming off.

In case you have never seen such a thing, here is one of my favorite vids that illustrates the lateral stresses on longboard bearings perfectly:

So I guess my dilemma is the inability of my brain to distinguish between the needs of a longboarder or a quad skater insofar as bearings are concerned. I enjoy bombing local bridges (no hills around New Orleans) and generally hit low 20mph speeds. I do not want to be thinking about a wheel popping off or a bearing grinding down my $400 precision trucks on my boards. Same on quads.

If Louis Pilloni in the video had a dirty bearing try to seize up, it would not take very many curves to unscrew a loose nyloc nut, even an new one. I know spacers are not traditional in modern quad wheels. I just can't make any sense out of it.
I get carried away sometimes. Some will not agree with my opinion. I regularly skate above 20mph indoors during sessions. The bearing are plenty strong enough to handle whatever you want to throw at them. The axles on skates are another thing, the old 7mm, I bent plenty of them. I have not bent an axle since I started skating again app 8 years ago. I have bent a kingpin. Nylocks get it done, I don't trust the all plastic nuts. They scare me. i bought some once, then just could not bring myself to use them. Bearings will let you know it they are going out. I chunked some a few weeks ago, had them forever and never did anything to them except skate'em. Use'em and chunk'em. Spacers are a matter of choice, but you have to fully understand the work that goes with that choice to do it exactly and correctly. Some here do it, correctly. I just don't have the time to dedicate to that particular setup. I spend it on plates and tuning. Trying to get the plate to work just a little bit better, turn just right. It also takes time to do. Most just skate them like they got them not realizing how much better their skates could be to skate on.
All these components work together. Bearings are the least influential of all the parts that let you skate well. Boot fit, plate selection, offset, forward or not, heal or none, cushion/bushings selection and my favorite, wheels. Wheels are number one on the list if the boots fit good. IMO, good boots and wheels share the number one spot. Wheels next and then plate and tuning. Bearings last. IF all are working well, you can haul a__ and make tremendous speed, and still be slower than inlines....
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