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2 Cents:

Skaters that race are good at finding races. For those not close to a team online tutorials are easy to find for coaching, fitness and training. Equipment reviews are served well at this blog also.

What I have noticed as a big issue right now is races. Races are falling off quicker than at anytime in our sport. The cost and logistics to form a race is the biggest issue, not finding a race or training but the race it self.

Example: The NAPA,CA marathon which has moved to SF, CA. The cost for permits and such grew to $25k. At one time there were many races each month, now only a few in the entire country for the year. A 10k isn't a race, sorry but it's not worth traveling for a 20 minute race.

I have looked at doing a race here in AZ. The weather is great in the winter, but finding a venue is extremely costly and a losing venture unless you can get at least several hundred attendees, otherwise you lose your shirt promoting a race. The Tucson race was lost for this very reason, lots of money and work for a financial losing venture.

A team to help organize races across the country. Reduce costs, streamline logistics and make it worth doing is the most, and biggest thing our sport needs, not more training videos. It must be financially profitable for the promoters or it's a no go from the start.

That is what our sport needs more than anything else!
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