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I'm Lisa-
Started skating when I was about 2 1/2 (so I'm told), got my very own figure skates when I was 4 (according to the birthday picture), figure skated till I was around 6 or 7 (LOL - my mom's memory ain't what it used to be & she's not sure on this) and then switched to speed once I saw a speed practice at our local rink (wish I could remember that on my own, but I can imagine it, as my mom told me "that was IT" - that was all I wanted to do......and that is how I feel when I see other people speed skate even now!). I competed speed until I was 16, rink ratted until I was 18 & then walked away from skating 100% for 30 years (personal issues & pig headedness). In winter of 2010, my (then) 6yo daughter wanted to learn to ice skate.....and, when she started trying to do spins & jumps on my hardwood floors with her blade covers on, I got her some cheap roller skates (ok - the floors are old, so wheels on them ain't gonna kill them -- but blades/covers....well....) and she rolled around on those until I finally broke down & took her to a rink near our house. Hated to admit it when I opened the door & smelled "the rink smell" but that was IT......all over again. Walked out with skates (quads)......found some old skating friends on FB (one all the way in Iowa) & Mr Iowa decided to make a Quad NTLS comeback in 2011 but the darn inliners at my rink (where I had started to go to speed practice) were RELENTLESS in their pursuit of me skating inlines. Well, life happened & I switched to inlines & Mr Iowa couldn't do Quad NTLS after all......but I did inline NTLS!!! My goal for 2012 was to start training for NSIM but due to some physical issues that fell apart. Trying to re-group now.....may or may not ever get to NSIM, but like an earlier poster put it........just tryin' to not get my 48 yr old butt stuck & fat on the couch......and, darn it.........I just love this skating stuff........
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