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I made it to 66 skating days in a row before the lockdown. Decided not to skate outdoors at all while the local ERs were jammed with plague victims. Switched back to cycling along with some power walking with my wife. Last 2 weeks of April I started some skate dance lessons inside the house using YouTube. Very challenging and much more physically demanding that I would have thought.

So the breakdown:

Skating: 14hrs:15min - all dance practice indoors on quads.

Cycling: 287 miles of local stuff, never more than 15 miles from the house. ALL STREET! Fitness paths are now loaded with infected zombies but streets are deserted. So...back on my old road routes.

Power Walking: 19 miles April, 16 miles March.

I can't see any changes for May really. Falling in love with my touring bike again that's for sure. Not certain how/where I will get back to skating without the fitness paths plus my entire neighborhood is under construction for long needed street repairs/resurfacing - which will be AWESOME at some point. Just not May 2020.
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