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Default Favorite place to skate

My all time favorite place to skate is Padova, Italy, well it's really more like three in one listed in order of precedence.
1. "Pratta Della Valle" A huge open area nicely paved, 1996 world cup site for inline speed, each lap is like 1km in length.

2.also nearby is a apx 500m track with slight bank on curves with two rinks in the center of the track. this is really close to above listed #1 like 1/2 mile or so away. it is the FIHP center for training in Padova.

3. "The Amusment Park" also in Padova though not as close as the other two its in a small town on the out skirts of Padova. It had comp trampalines, bowling, putt putt, various rides, pool hall/bar, and a outdoor skate park.
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