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Default The World

Self absorbed, selfish country called the USA. Hmmm. I need to ponder this one. We do have the World Series for petes sake! We get fat easily. Our President is a World Leader . You can find our culture almost anywhere. Then again we have all the Europeans represented in our country and their cultures to boot. We have other nations represented in our country as well. "We are the world" (Go for it Stevie Wonder)! The way I got it figured if you skate you are a "skater" in this forum. If you don't skate then you are the "other". Now this applies to everyone evenly except Californians who definitely represent the other.:

Almost forgot to post my favorite trail. "A long winding road" (John forgive me) lies next to the Rio Grande River in Albuquerque NM. It is about 15 miles each way, paved and well maintained. It is smooth and level. The up side is you can skate your heart out for as long as you wish without cars, trucks and airplanes. The downside to it are the bicycles, dog poop and folks who own the world and don't like to share. The beauty is found on the South end where the trees conspire to make a shaded almost magical skate. Nothing traumatic, just a trail in the middle of a high desert.
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