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Originally Posted by Joey View Post
APRIL 2019

Only 118 total skate miles this month. 73 on quad skates, 45 on the longboard.

April always sucks due to heavy load at work this time of year. I missed A LOT of pretty days thanks to making a living. BUT...

I just got hired at a different job and the hours are much better: 7am-3:30pm. And dig new job is in CITY PARK! My building is literally 100 paces from the larger fitness track AND one mile from my home. So...I will be skating to work every good day plus a little extra. My skate route is about 2 miles each way, bike route is only 1 same as walking.

The best part is that the fitness tracks (both of them) are deserted between 3:30 and 5:00pm on work days so I can easily add some miles on the "way home" from work.

That's awesome! You should never "miss". I had an offer for job that would have cut my commute from 11 miles to 4. Great career move too. Unfortunately, the management had disturbing views on work-life balance. After much dwelling, I passed. Seriously bumbed me out.
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