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my name is Peirce, I'm 42 and I currently live in Los Angeles. I was born and raised in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. I got a pair of plastic in-line skates from Sport Mart in 1987 and started skating on the tennis courts at night. Ten years later I got a pair of K2 Ascents and started skating up and down the lakefront in Chicago. 2005 I got a pair of Salomon Pro pilot 9 hi/lo 90/84/90/90.
Recently moved to L.A. and discovered the river bike path by Griffith Park.
Averaging around 15mph on my pilots and wanting to go faster, I bought a pair of 2012 Bont Z's with 110 mm wheels about 5 weeks ago.
Now I'm discovering so many new things bout my feet! My accessory navicular bones are killing me!
Now I neglect my children as I obsess about heat molding my boots, constantly heating different areas with a heat gun, looking for different objects to push out areas to try and find some relief.
The fitness 90mm to the 110mm /speed boot was quite optimistic I am now discovering. (100mm wheels are on order). I thought I could work through the pain but I don 't want to end up really messing up my feet.

All my friends are turning 40 and running marathons but I can't stand jogging. I really love this sport and enjoy the work out and the SPEED!
My goal is to finish the Napa or Chicago marathon this year.
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