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In general I prefere online privacy, but few words about me to avoid confusion

I'm not female - it's just a user name - someone called me so, many years ago, when seeing me ice skating. I live in saxonia / Germany, and I'm in men's best age. Started with skating in 1998 on rec. skates, switched to speed a year later, but always just for fun. Competed in several road races over the years, but when family and job gets more important few years ago, I lost shape and motivation... But since this year I've adjusted priorities a bit, started regular training 2..3 times a week, trying to wear out my old equipment (and the not so old too) and to catch up again to the guys I was skating with the years before. In the beginning I was more adicted to the equipment, but over the years I got more wise, and recognized what really makes me faster (no, not dope!)

I read many posts in this forum over the years, so roughly I know how to judge some of the other users - even not everyone. Joined this forum, because the local ones suffered alot, and this one is more up to date with almost everything about skating.
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