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Great picture Bob!

Hi Corey! Don't be surprised if one night I introduce myself! I'm about 4 hours northwest of A-town but do get down for visits. I have a sis in Palmerton and a sis & Mom in Pottstown. So, you're an easy target from both locations.

Cindy!!!!! I do indeed remember your mom and dad. And you a little but... you were a little squirt. LOL I think I am a little closer to your parents generation. Oh, and yes, I do remember you being at LBI. Tell your folks I said hi too. In fact, for some reason a picture just flashed in my memory. Somewhere in my stash I think I have a picture of your mom skating with my brother. I think either Pike or Pheasantland going by how old I remember him being. Probably a 45 year old picture. EEEK!
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