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Default Yes, you've got the right one!

Hi Jill!

I'm not sure if we've ever crossed paths. But, I'm sure we have, especially if we've both attended Jamborees when your dad was playing with Ralph and Marty. Doesn't seem like that long ago, does it? Where are you living now? And yes, if you ever get back into the area, you'll have to look me up! It would be great to see you and catch up on some old stories. Although, I sure you have many more than I do! <grin> And, I'd love to see some more of the older pictures. They bring back great memories. When Ralph and Marty did the Labor Day skate at Pheasantland last year, there were some photo albums put out with all kinds of older photos of them and Bill and many others. Many of the rinks I did recognize, but some I did not. It's really funny, when you look at the archaic equipment which was used back then compared to what we have now! And think about it, the B3 is still at the center of it all!!! I'm sure your dad misses that one.

Bob, that's a great picture. One for the books!

T'ill next time!

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