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Originally Posted by Doc Sk8 View Post
And that is the most likely the least important thing you need to know. Sk8 action and suspension set up plays far more into this than weight and duro. I can make 1/4 turn change on a lot of different sk8 and go from grip out the kazoo to no grip wort speaking about. Knowing how to sk8 your set up is important too. Most likely what someone else is on has little to no resemblance to what you are rolling.

I have wheels on my Royals I won't even use on my Pro Lines after the first try just because of how the action and the wheel interact.
+1. Suspension setup and being able to skate a suspension optimized for traction is way more important for maintaining best traction.

There are floors out there though that no matter how good it is set up, will still let go. Those floors would require much lower duros than normal, then the fun of skating suffers because the skates now feel like you are bogging down, skating through mud.

Skater weight is less of a factor of traction. I used to think weight was a large factor, suspension mods prove it not to be true.

A wheel will stick to whatever floor it can grab ahold of, suspensions setup allows it to work. Duro and chemical compostion of wheels/tires "grades" the floor. Its a compromise on loose floors.

IMO, , floor traction vs wheel duro/compostion + skate setup + skater talent level + ability to tune correctly.
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