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Originally Posted by FRGL1 View Post
Make me weight training frames and I will pay for them

I am in the market for making my skates as heavy as I want to make them light.

A YouTuber named Dom Lay seems to reside in the United States and has a small fanbase on YouTube. You might also consider talking to Bill Stoppard of PintoPonyProductions, based in Canada.

Bill Stoppard is sort of my god for all things street skating.
Increasing a skates weight is the wrong way to go. This heavily loads up on the knees. If you want resistance training, wear dense and restrictive pants. It will impede movement without actually adding weight that can jerk more loads onto your joints.

Resistance and weighted training is great, but if you really want to add weight do so at the knee , not below it.

What I would like to see in inline skates is a footbed similar to that of a quad skate for lateral support across the blade and arch of the foot, with laces on the left and/or right side of the foot. Above the foot would be a heat moldable hard plate that conforms to the top of your foot. After molding the plate one could tighten the inside of the foot around the arch or blade of the foot, or loosen either side independently.

For a cuff one would want the articulation point to be at the ankles joints. If you wanted a removeable system I would think the best way woukd be to habe it bolt up under the heel, and between the frame/boot area. The SEBA Trix isnt that bad looking the way they habe it set up.

The problem in making a skate like this is all the specializations cost money, and often have to be hand made.
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