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The way things are looking, I can probably go significantly lower than 150. I have secondhand experience with low-mid tier skates in China, but not with the really cheap or more expensive models, so I'll have to test them to see how they hold up.

As it stands though, the mid-tier models should still sell at a very competitive price, and they'll hold up just fine for slalom, fsk, slides, jumps, etc. I don't really plan on competing with the $50 rec skate market, because in my opinion those are borderline usable and possibly dangerous. There will always be people who do little research and just buy the cheapest skates on the market, but you can only go so low in price before you're buying garbage. My intent is just to provide a cheaper alternative to Seba FRXs, Rollerblade Twisters, Powerslide Imperials etc. for people to start with, that will last until they learn the basics and can decide whether or not they really want to commit to the sport and buy a higher-end skate.
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