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Originally Posted by chunchmeow View Post
I only had two jumps down by the time I quit plus a bunch of regular moves. The stuff I have down now are: edges, 2 foot turns, forward/backward stroking, crossovers back/forward, waltz jump, spread eagle, shoot the duck (easy), and one more that I can't friggen remember the name of. I never competed at all because I stopped at level 6, but I'm sure if I kept going I probably could have gotten there. What I'd really like to do is learn how to spin properly because mine always sucked.
hi and good luck with it all,,,spinning is all about posture and being on the proper edge,,,takes time to learn and the best way is in a class or private lesson with a qualified coach. if you dont have the money or dont want to spend it you can learn from another skater that can already spin. have fun learning everything.

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