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Originally Posted by chunchmeow View Post
hey guys! The name is Chunch (long story) and I'm a NYC chick.

I did quads as a kid, blades as a pre-teen, and have been a Quads-only addict for the past 4-5 years. I was trained by a competitive team in NJ that each taught their own levels of skill. I got to level 6 and decided to stop lessons because I wasn't training to compete and they ran out of people who could teach me. Right now I'm betting on The Roxy's wood floor to be my new home but we shall see.

I would really like to see freestyle artistic quad skating in the olympics too Major shout out to the team in NJ that trained me too!

in singles freestyle what type of jumps and spins were you doing when you quit????/ what can you attempt now? did u ever compete competively? good luck with it

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