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Incredible company in this thread, hope you do not mind my adding to it. I am an old guy, 58, and work as a High School Counselor. I have a Master's Degree in Counseling. My kids are the Special Education kids with behavioral problems. Most of them are pretty cool dudes who were dealt an unfair set of circumstances. I took all the Special Education Students to the rink once and earned my pay! It was great watching some of the big tough "gangsta's" smiling like little kids while they tried to steady themselves. I have done therapy for folks, big and little, almost all of my adult work you know my vocation and know I am not rich! Since coming to education I have attempted to organize anti-drug programs and events. Skating plays a big role in that as I have found skating, along with music, reaches the inner person of the most damaged child.

When 9/11 took place I felt pretty angry and sad. I joined the Army Reserve to provide mental health services to soldiers, a true honor. It resulted in deployment once, ended up in Germany, for about 6 months, at the beginning of the Iraq conflict. I am up for deployment again so this forum will be a lifeline! Served in Vietnam with the 101st Airborne Division before most of you were born.

Athletics have been very important to me. In High School, wrestling and swimming were my sports. I skated a little at that time, mostly to meet girls. As a young adult I returned to the pool and began distance swimming and some running. Relocated to an area that had no pool so I began to bicycle and run. Bought a Trek 2300 which I still use! They built a pool in the area I went to and so I expanded to triathalons since I had a good base on the bike and the run. Nothing exceptional, like my skating, just dedicated. In 1999 I was invited to the local rink over Christmas Break. Soon became a regular and expanded to inlines, a little hockey and more distance. Currently skate on riedels with blue cannibals and some Swiss 6's doing absolutely nothing fancy...just as much speed as I can get. Also have some Rollerblade L10's, 4X100's for doing distance. I plan to upgrade the equipment looking for the extra mph in the near future. I have also raced motorcycles and show jumped horses although that is behind me. I do have a horse and a couple motorcycles for pleasure though.

Finally, I am writing a book, "High Road to Taos". It is a fictional work about a biker caught in socio-political/religious currents of our times. It is fun to write but talk about discipline! Have done some journalist work in the motorcycle world, mostly freelance.

Hope this is not too long, had more to say than I realized.

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