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Worst month this year. 52.69 miles total skates and skateboards.


1. Voodoo Fest. My new job puts me right next to a double loop bike path that takes me about 20 minutes to complete, so at lunch I can usually get that 20 minutes (2 miles) at the very least. However, a yearly festival called Voodoo Fest every Halloween takes over both areas. Setup takes about 2 weeks and cleanup takes over a month. Puts my lunch skate sessions out of business.

2. Road Construction. My commute route was cutoff by serious road construction that required me to take a detour that was not skate worthy. Thankfully there was an overlap with Voodoo Fest so I didn't get thwarted at two different times. Now the construction is complete with bike lanes on both sides - an actual enhancement for skating to work - and perfect smooth tarmac at what was previously the worst part of my commute. So a net positive for the foreseeable future.

3. Weather. Rain and early darkness wrecked my weekend sessions.

4. Illness. My wife had to be hospitalized the last 4 days of November just when I changed to the evening shift at work so I could get more daylight opportunities for skating. Her stay cost me FOUR perfect weather skate days. She is home now and improving so I am thankful. Diverticulitis - welcome to old age.


For the entirety of December I will be working roughly 3PM-12PM with 2 days off every week. I have access to a car one of those days and typically December gives me many glorious mild weather days. So I might go out of 2019 with a BANGUP bunch of miles. My lunch sessions are done for the month due to darkness but I should get many longer sessions. Road construction is complete and the Voodoo Fest track is still filthy with dried mud but skateable with due caution.

I am currently at 1397 miles for the year and hope to AT LEAST break 1500. This seems likely but man, I hate to get my hopes up.

Also, due to no skating there has been no crashing or overuse injuries. So...I am all healed and as perfect as I get going into the 12th month. Managed 12 miles today and Wednesday I hope to get 20-30. A good start if it holds up.

My new trailer is THE BOMB! Perfect. Inspiration and a Sherpa to warm clothing, extra socks and plenty of hot or cold beverages for longer skates on the local 60 mile Rail-Trail. Maybe get one 50 miler this month if all goes well.

2 Inline Skates, 1 Quad Skates, 4 Longboards, 3 Bicycles, 0 Cars
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