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Originally Posted by Joey View Post
I had two of them The new one won't hold a charge so I pretty much have to make certain to charge it just before I use it making afternoon workouts interesting challenges. Also this GPS was a watch and the whole case is cracking (plastic) and the band is broken off. Fixed this by grinding all of the band attachments off and using Velcro (R) to my wristguard instead.

The old GPS took FOREVER to link up with satellites. Most days I would finish my entire commute before it found even one satellite. It does not like finding satellites once I am moving and I ain't standing in the sun for 20 minutes waiting on it
In my experience with mostly Garmin units, GPS never syncs reliably while moving. This is OK for the morning commute. It syncs up in the time it takes me to get out the door. It isn't so much fun in the evening though. The metal office building blocks the signal. I have to stand around in the parking lot for a minute or two with the watch clearly pointed at the sky, to get it to sync.

Is the problem that it doesn't hold a charge or that isn't charging reliably? My current Garmin 920 is finicky about making contact with the charger. I have to do a simple cleaning of the contacts almost daily. If I don't, I will go to grab the watch in the morning and find that, instead of charging overnight, it has discharged during the night. The 305 was worse. The contact problem was inside the watch made worse by failing glue.

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