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Ah, friday night at the concrete rink. On quads again.

Typical random combination of sensible adults, 2/3 inlines, 1/3 quads. hockey kids playing chase (grrrr!!!). A few derby girls. A couple of derby guys.

You know. Roller derby is such an awesomely social sport. You don't even have to play to have derby girls come up to you and introduce themselves. You apparently only have to *look* the part . Since I wear pads and a helmet at sessions (couldn't dream up a sensible reason not to), and I dress in gothy/lacy black stuff, and stripy stockings all the time anyway, I'm apparently indistinguishable from the average newbie fresh meat.

They all seem so disappointed when I tell them I'm not going to. But I admit, I'm half tempted to go along to practice though and learn, just so I can learn to take out the hockey tweens! (grrrr!).

Only my third session on these quads so still very timid, largely terrified of my skates short plates. Spent most of the time, being boring, just going round and round working on my still crappy (but improving) crossovers. Dancing, carefully, a bit, along the straights. Music was crap. Virtually nothing with any danceable groove. Not that I can do much on quads yet anyway.

Its so frustrating being scared and clumsy all over again
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