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Thanks for the comments!

That deal with the center...that was built during the height of roller disco, right around 1978. It was a dance floor with seating, accessed by the stairway “bridge” going across the skate floor. I suppose that 40 years ago it seemed like an unique and innovative design.

I know that back in those days the building capacity was 1500 and on Friday and Saturday they would routinely have to stop taking admissions because the capacity was hit. There’d be a line outside of people waiting for someone to leave so that they could let someone come in! Fun times!

Over the years it’s been changed a bit. The dance floor in the center was removed, the walls on the ends pulled inward, and the table and chair seating was replaced by benches around the perimeter, and access added directly from the skate floor. The floor in the center is now good old fashioned wood skating rink flooring. So, you can “dance skate” if you want in the center area, or practice skate, or let the beginners have that entire area.

That video is from a local PBS documentary/anthology program. I have some more recent video that I shot myself, but am having trouble uploading it. I’ll keep trying and see if I can get it posted.
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