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Default 27th Squat Workout

Originally Posted by theDonnybrook View Post
Congrats on the PR man, those are great. I matched my PR from last season's lifting at the end of December for my rear squats, and promptly injured my back lowering a deadlift on weight I have easily lifted (and easily pulled during that lift). Just a reminder you can't break form while lowering, either. Hoping to get back to big lifts this week after a couple of rest and recovery weeks. Next week will be a new PR on my rear squats going forward. Hoping to hit 200 by the time lifting is no longer a focus this year. Keep at it.
Bummer about that injury. I have really tried to be careful not to go "there".

I hit double digits 250. I did 110x13, 180x10 250x10 120x10. I was getting tired of the 7 rep barrier I have been stuck at, so I took an extra minute before starting picturing good form. I had a little butt wink to start, but then knocked out the rest of the reps in good form. Actually attacked it really well. Good form authoritative reps. This is the 5th workout for 250. The others were 7, 7, 4, then a FOUR workout down cycle where I was just hanging on at 200, then back to 7 and now finally got into the double digits. Had a bad run of workouts. Felt real blah. Must have been fighting off a cold or something. I am patting myself on the back though, for not trying to push when I just don't feel it. I also switched the heavy set to set 3 instead of 4. I am using set 4 as a lighter weight pump out set. I am still not getting any complaints from my knees or that old lower back injury. So it looks good that I am going to be able to keep at this.
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