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"wrist protection" can take different forms, with some being more effective than others. I skate with three different types.

The most basic type that provides the least protection is called a "palm slider". It is basically a glove very similar to a bicycling glove but it has a hard plate in the palm so that when you tumble and put your hands out they slide. Palm sliders do not keep wrists from flexing.

The second type is wrist brace that wraps around the hand and up the wrist. In the inner side of the brace is a stiff, strong bar that tries to keep the wrist from flexing too much. The bar also forms a 'bump' in the palm to act as a palm slider.

The third type I've used is a more robust form of wrist brace that has an added stiffener on the outer side which more fully restricts wrist flexion.

For general skating, training with the crew I am very familiar with and most racing I just use basic palm sliders. If I am planning on skating somewhere I'm not familiar with or folks I don't know I may use the basic wrist brace. For a certain race (Chicago) I use the robust brace. I've gone down there (nobody's fault) due to poor course conditions.

Look for the various other brands of wrist guards at snowboard equipment sites.
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