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Default New Boots - Antik MG2 1st tee nut mounting

Skate shops are pretty thin on the ground in the UK but while visiting Devon I managed to get over to Momma Truckers in Exeter and was able to try on a few boots in a variety of sizes. It came down to an Antik MG2 or Reidell 265, both were just slightly over budget but I figured buy cheep buy twice so I stretched the budget and although the Antik was the dearer of the two, it was a better shape for my foot and so comfortable so it was an easy decision to make.

I've taken the Sure-Grip Avenger plates off my Bauer Ice Skate conversion as they were causing me ankle plain (hence the need for new boots) that was a major task as I struggled to stop the bolts spinning around while removing the nuts! It must have taken nearly an hour albeit most of that was trying to find a screwdriver bit which would fit snugly enough into the odd shaped slot on the bolt so that I could use a socket wrench on the bolt.

The plates are US made so I'm assuming that the sizing is imperial but since I'm in the UK what I can source easily is in metric; I've gone for M5 (5mm diameter) as the original fixings seem to be 3/16" in diameter and a snug fit, I don't yet know if I will have to drill out the plates to accommodate the very slight increase in bolt diameter but I'm working on the assumption that I will.

I wanted to use smooth tee nuts, but the only smooth tee nuts I could find only had a depth of 7mm which is a bit shorter than I suspect I will need so I also got 9mm pronged ones just in case. Alternatively I might also use the pronged ones in the heel and smooth at the toe as the smooth ones will most likely not protrude through the sole. I also ordered several lengths of hex button head machine screws so I should have the optimum fixings and plenty of bits left over for the tool box.

The aim is to assemble the skates on Wednesday night, as I'm skating Thursday. I've mounted plates before so I'm quite happy with plate placement and have marked out for a sports mount but since this is my 1st attempt at mounting a plate using tee nuts so any tips or things to watch out for with this method would be great.

Anyway, here's how they look currently
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