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Hi, all! And again, Im sorry by my bad English.

After several months busy in my life and at my work, I have continued with this Deano compatible hub Project. The idea is get one V2 ALU hub lighter and advance until the next V3 ALU hub.

At this moment Im thinking in two design for V3 hub:

One based in a three spoke design with a center hole in each spoke for saving weight and another based in a three spoke but without center hole and removing some material in the outside part of hub for saving weight.

In the first case, I dont know if this ALU hub could be break in the center holes of the spokes zone and for this, Im thinking on design another ALU hub without holes.

Also I remove a lot of material in front and rear of hub to saving weight.

With the idea and help of AussieScott and Wild42 I remove some ALU material in outer side of hub to saving weight.

The hub will be made in 6061 T ALU.

See pictures.

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