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Originally Posted by John Nicholas View Post
Yes, Rollarama is a great place! We all loved it!

While we were there we talked to Brett (skate guard) and another young woman (sorry don't remember her name) but she was also a teacher and won quite a few medals recently. She was asking about my daughter's skates and mentioned she used 297s.

You are certainly dedicated traveling far distances to enjoy skating!! Taughton is almost 4 hours from us!

My wife grew up in Chelmsford and after we were married we lived in Framingham.... did the drive from there to Ossining, NY many times when we were dating! But it's a little much to drive for skating since we are still beginners!

Not sure, but we may be at Rollarama on Saturday afternoon... can't miss us, we are all tall! LOL If you spot us, please introduce yourself!!

Thank you so much for the warm welcome!

Cute Blonde.... her name is Kayla. We are very good friends, and sometimes we even skate together......

I wont be coming back until Sept 7 as that is when classes restart.

But you cant miss me either, I'm the only male instructor there.....I'm usually just coming off of a lesson or practice with my skating partner....

If I do see you I will come over and introduce.
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