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Originally Posted by billaboy215 View Post
hey guys, im bill. i like to make new things and push the envelope. i have been messing around with electric skateboards for a while and trying to use the drive systems to retrofit roller skates. im trying to take a in-wheel electric skateboard motor system such as the one here and making a system that is likewise remote controlled so i can power roller skates without effort. tell me what you guys think and i would appreciate any direction as to which forums might have other tinkerers. thanks
This is a Speed Skating Forum. Not to be cruel but you may find a better response in another section. Once you understand what speed skating is and speed skaters you will then realize you're in the wrong section. Love the new ideas, they look fun but speed skating is for those who love physical pain to get the gain of speed and endurance. Skating on the edge of our physical abilities without motors. You take that away and put a motor on it and what's the point, any fat lazy cheeseburger can do it.
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