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Hello. My name is William, but if you were in the Buckeye Speed League in the 90s you might have known me as Billy.

I started speed skating sometime around 1993 when I was in kindergarten. My parents took me to the rink. When I fell down, they assumed the trip was over, but I got right back up. Just then, an announcement came on for the speed team. They figured that I seemed to enjoy myself enough to take some pain, so they might as well sign me up.

As far as teams go, I skated for C&N, Cincy Speed, On the Edge, Buckeye on the Edge, Fairborn Flyers, Newark Speed, and the Eliminators by the time I got a job as a senior in high school and quit. During that time, I had some national success on quads.

I kind of forgot about the sport during undergrad and my first year of grad school. However, at some point the urge just became too much to ignore. The closest team to Purdue, where I am pursuing my PhD in computer science, is about an hour away in Danville, IL, so I joined. After two years of just practicing I started competing again this season. I immediately started dominating the Classic Men's points. That may have more to do with the lack of other people than my great speed, but I have been getting better and hope to be competitive at Nationals this year.
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